TOKAJ MACIK WINERY IPA in short as TOKAJ IPA is the first Slovak Tokaj beer, which was created by collaboration of elite Slovak winery- TOKAJ MACIK WINERY and famous Slovak craft brewery- KALTENECKER. Cooperation between the craft brewery specialized for unique beers and family winery well known for its modern and rebellious approach created a semi-dark ALE, which is extra hoppy with the new American hops. The Ale is richer in flavor and bitterness. The myth of Tokaj that is just a sweet, doesn´t applies even with this beer! Beer is not at all sweet, but slightly bitter.

Taste impresses you with its fullness and an interesting combination of citrus aftertaste with raisin-sweetish tone. The overall experience is enhancing dense foam which gives smooth creaminess to leaves a unique experience.




Tokaj Macik Winery IPA

Craft brewery Kaltenecker was established in 1997 and currently produces more than 30 different kinds. Each year launches several interesting innovations and new products that are mostly non-traditional beer styles. All beers are made from natural ingredients of the highest quality. You can find beers that are filtered or unfiltered, unpasteurized or not pasteurized, as well as special archive beers.


Tokaj Macik Winery IPA

TOKAJ MACIK WINERY is a young and progressive winery located in eastern Slovakia at the center of Vinohradnícka oblasť Tokaj, in the village Malá Tŕňa. Family winery makes the highest effort to produce high quality products. Thanks to quality and progressive design it has been setting trends in Tokaj for the last couple of years. Each year winery brings something new to customers. Maciks´ always tried to go beyond the regular to satisfy customers, they have been three times awarded as Winery of year in Slovakia and three times as Wine of the year in Tokaj category.

Macik family is well known for their innovating and rebellious approach. They bring each year something new for wine lovers. This time they surprised and pleased beer lovers with something that has not been here yet, with first Tokaj beer- Tokaj IPA.











TOKAJ MACIK WINERY IPA - Tokaj IPA is distributed to wine shops, beer shops, pubs, restaurants and gift stores in Slovakia and abroad.

Fľaša 0,33l Tokaj IPA
Tokaj IPA 4Pack

Gift package: 4 x 0.33 l

Non-returnable glass bottle: 0.33 l

7,90 €

2,10 €

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Objednávka Tokaj IPA
Objednávka Tokaj IPA
Doprava Tokaj IPA
Doprava Tokaj IPA

Transport foil package: 8 x 0,33 l

On request: Can be ordered on tap 15l and 30l keg. Also available in non-reversible PET keg.

14,90 €

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TOKAJ MACIK WINERY s.r.o. Medzipivničná 174
076 82 Malá Tŕňa

Mobil: +421 905 313 352



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